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Zara: Influencers are snapping up these ultra-stylish ripped jeans!

Timeless jeans that are easy to pair with each other remain an essential part of the dressing room… The new Zara is no exception!

Do you want new jeans? Zara has what you need for future seasons! Indeed, such pants can quickly elongate the figure and give it a slim look… The novelty from the Spanish brand meets all the requirements. MCETV explains everything!

Very trendy jeans

Because finding jeans is never very easy. Especially when it comes to finding a piece that elongates the legs, defines the waist and goes with everything. But summer collection of the brand full of nuggets.

So say hello to this Zara piece! Multiple shades of blue give a retro faded style. And in line with many trends. Its color, very light, allows you to wear it with all strong summer things. The summer trend will indeed be color.

Blue, purple, but especially orange and green: catchy, cheerful and colorful images will be on every street this summer. Therefore, it is necessary to be able to combine colors and elegance … Which may seem difficult. Except for those pants that outlive fashion and trends.

But Zara comes out some very good felt tops for the season, you must be able to match them. The best part of the dressing room to wear almost everything: jeans. Simple, effective, but above all timeless, it will never leave you.

Moreover, the brand proves it with its model. Tall, she looks even slimmer with these jeans that accentuate her waist and fall to her ankles. The brand decided make her wear a red and pink bodysuit, very pronounced. A way to combine glamour, fashion and style.

Zara influencers are snapping up these ultra-stylish ripped jeans!
Zara: Influencers are snapping up these ultra-stylish ripped jeans!

Zara: effective and inexpensive

You can easily pair these beautiful pants with a bodysuit, a t-shirt, a crop top… in short, with all the trendy summer pieces with a pattern. I still think to try. True, these jeans cost only 39.95 euros. But still.

Because Zara internet return fee from a few weeks. A way to avoid multiple, expensive and polluting packaging. Therefore, it is better to go to the store … Because These straight cut jeans have two rips. One in the knee, the other in the thigh.

Therefore, it is better to go to the salon to try to put it on. And please see if it falls properly when you wear it. Also, don’t forget to watch your buttocks. because straight cuts do not have the same effect on everyone of us.

So Zara has this straight cut which is worn by a rather tall model. But it may be that this model will give you a flat buttocks, depending on your measurements. Make sure it says your size correctlyso that it falls well … In short, so that you feel good at heart!

I have the same model…

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