YouTuber explains how time journey is definitely doable in quantum mechanics

youtuber Motion Lab all the time brings us enjoyable and thrilling science experiments that he makes use of to show us complicated scientific ideas. You could bear in mind this episode when he made a laser microscope utilizing only a drop of water, or this one when he made a black mirror.

On this episode of his present, he exhibits us an actual quantum delayed alternative experiment to elucidate how time journey is definitely doable in quantum mechanics.

To do that, he makes use of a easy inexperienced laser and a beam splitter that permits 50% of the photons to move by way of and the opposite 50% to be deflected.

It additionally locations two mirrors on all sides that may mirror photons of their path. You may be questioning what all this has to do with time journey?

YouTuber continues his experiment and demonstrates precisely how the complicated set up he constructed is said to time journey. How he does it? What are the scientific outcomes of his experiment? The place else can ideas be utilized? Might this make time journey a actuality for all of us? This video solutions all these questions and extra.


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