World Environment Day 2022: why sustainable travel is more relevant in the post-pandemic world

The pandemic has become a lesson slow life. In the past two years, people have begun to notice many previously neglected aspects of their lives, including health and Environment. They have come to understand that no one can thrive in the absence of the other, and that taking care of the environment and keeping it clean and hygienic means prioritizing health.

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Earlier this year, digital travel company concluded in a sustainable tourism research report that 91% of Indian travelers want to travel sustainably in the coming months, up 3% from the company’s 2021 figures. In addition to this, while 94 percent of travelers agreed that sustainable travel is important to them, 68 percent cited recent news reports about changing of the climate which influenced their choice.

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Why has there been a surge in recent months? travel sustainability, but how do experts and travel enthusiasts feel about this? More importantly, when it comes to conscious and sustainable travel, what should you keep in mind? On the occasion of world environment day today we were looking for answers.

Akanksha Redhu, a Delhi-based content creator and photographer who travels extensively, said sustainability is the need of the hour.

“Amid the pandemic, people who have only ever traveled to international destinations have been forced to seek domestic options. They learned more about their country and the state it is in. When you travel to certain places, you see mountains of rubbish. But when you go to cleaner and more beautiful places, you leave this world behind and think that this is not your problem, ”she told this publication, adding that this mentality has changed over the past two years.

Ranjit Singh, who is “obsessed with motorcycles and adventure,” said sustainable travel is a balance between responsible travel and environmental conservation. A traveler and motorcyclist from Kanyakumari laments that now that people are moving and traveling more than ever, there is a “great risk to the environment”.

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“Most people travel for two reasons: to become famous on social networks or because their next door neighbor does it. I don’t find it good for the environment because they have no idea what they’re doing to the planet,” he said, adding that he supports campaigns like Royal Enfield’s #LeaveEveryPlaceBetter because they protect the environment. , encouraging the use of steel water bottles, cotton bags, etc.

According to Ritu Mehrotra, Commercial Director Asia Pacific at, the pandemic has made people more aware of their impact on the environment and the people around them, including local communities, which has made travelers aware of what travel…


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