World-class cruising holidays – two best-in-class travel companies join forces

Travel is gaining momentum after two years of COVID restrictions, with many leading travel companies and suppliers setting booking records through the end of this year and through 2023. In fact, the industry is so hot that some of the best trips are hard to book. until next year, and even those are going fast.

But it’s not just “revenge travel” or pent-up demand that’s changing the leisure travel paradigm, it’s a fundamental shift in how consumers view vacations. Since we have all learned – in a very dramatic and unprecedented way – that you cannot be sure what will happen next, from pandemics to wars, and that life is short, many people choose to travel on a “now, not later” basis. According to the travel agents, consultants, and industry experts I spoke with, that means acting on those grand “wish list” type trips that were previously put off until “someday” and skipping regular vacations to get to one-off trips. – for a lifetime before.

For this reason, the best travel companies, those operators that are upscale, luxurious and specialized in all areas, are seeing a huge surge in bookings because they are the providers that usually offer these “best in the world” types of trips. suddenly wanted. At the same time, post-COVID demand has skyrocketed for smaller, more intimate, boutique everything in travel, from accommodation to tour groups to transportation. Another big trend in travel that started before the pandemic and is still going strong is the push for experiential travel, ones that go deeper and allow guests to learn something beyond how to get a tan, known in the profession as ” creating memories.”

Trips of a lifetime, more exclusivity and deeper experiences are currently three of the biggest trends shaping vacation choices, and they are all coming together neatly and very timely thanks to a new partnership between two leading companies in their respective fields. , Smithsonian Journeys and Ponant Cruises.

We all know the Smithsonian Institution, the biggest name in museums, natural history, and scientific research. For more than half a century, the Smithsonian Journeys has been the educational arm of the venerable institution – through travel. It has a long and excellent track record of expert-led land, rail, river and sea travel to all seven continents, making over 300 trips a year. If you…


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