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Why Le Monde is gaining momentum in lifestyle

Marie-Pierre Lannelonge, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Le Monde, responsible for magazine Mdetails development strategy Taste Mwhat World will offer. With quarterly, website tab and event.

Ten years after the creation M Worldwho puts out 454,610 copies a week, why launch an add-on Taste M came out March 11th?

MARIE-PIERRE LANNELONG. Because we are no longer afraid of being mistaken for a women’s magazine. (smile). Ten years ago, so-called “lifestyle” themes were not considered part of the newspaper’s DNA. But World and the world has evolved. Readers come to us to read articles on foreign policy and also for the series ” Loving each other when we part ”, a portrait of Isabelle Marant or the costume designer of the series, or even for a list of the best confectionery. magazine M became a label for the art of living, pleasure and leisure. People trust us in these matters, which we treat strictly and seriously.

On November 5, you released a lifestyle issue with four different covers. Do you perpetuate it quarterly?



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