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What’s new in lifestyle news? #3

Rainbow Alliance signed Lassosua

The return of good weather is an opportunity to wear bright outfits, and why not matching jewelry? Parisian house Lassaussois is betting on color with the introduction of the Tutti Frutti engagement ring. Its rose gold structure is embellished with a gradient of sapphires, creating a rainbow effect. This colorful ring can be worn alone or combined with other jewelry. An alliance full of positivity that reflects light in a unique way. This ring is priced at 890 euros and is available in Lassaussois boutiques or on their website:


Alliance Tutti Frutti Lassosua.


Bloon, lower back strengthening chair

Having occupied our offices, the Bloon chair invites itself into our gardens. This famous Pilates ball-inspired seat combines aesthetics and health. Osteopath-designed instability of the Bloon, due to its round shape, has been shown to promote constant micro-movements that strengthen the stabilizing muscles of the back and spine. Available in several colors, the outdoor version allows the owner to use it both for garden room furnishing and for desk work. Selling at €209, Bloon is available on the brand’s website.


Rooftop break at CitizenM on the Champs-Élysées

Dutch hotel concept CitizenM has chosen the Champs-Elysées to open its 23rde institution. This is the fourth hotel of the group, opened in the heart of the city of light. Offered at a competitive price, this contemporary approach to travel is sure to grab attention. The latest addition to this galaxy of uninhibited hotels dedicated to affordable luxury is no exception to the rule. Each room (from 129 euros) has a king size bed, showers with different lighting and olfactory atmospheres … Located at the intersection of the Champs Elysees, this hotel has a terrace and a rooftop. The opportunity to enjoy this new hotspot overlooking…


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