What progress has been made in the Lanai Destination Management Action Plan?

June 3, 2022 9:44 am GMT
* Updated June 2, 11:47 am.

The Lanai Cat Shelter has been added to the Mālama Hawaiʻi program. Photo Credit: Cammy Clark

The Hawaii Tourism Authority recently released its annual progress report on the Lanai Destination Management Action Plan, which includes 9 high-level actions and 23 Phase 1 sub-actions.

The three-year community plan is part of the Maui Nui Tourism Destination Management Action Plan 2021-2023, which was approved by the Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) in January 2021.

Here’s what was done, according to the six-page HTA report:

  • Action A: Engage partners to determine a path forward that will improve inter-island transportation options for residents and visitors alike. Progress: The district is working with the US representative. Kaya Kahele’s office on the matter. Lanai is only designated as a rural airport, so it does not have an Essential Air Status (EAS) designation. This situation continues to be monitored. EAS designation and rural designation can help with lower prices. Residents are encouraged to contact the Kahele office for further protection.
  • Action B: Develop partnerships and programs with resorts and other tourism businesses to improve and strengthen community relationships. Progress: This action is currently being worked on. In the early stages, the community and the hotel faltered due to the pandemic and associated staffing shortages. The effort was put on hold until early 2022, and the Maui Visitors and Conference Bureau has since reopened discussions on the issue.
  • C-action: Expand and encourage the use of the Lanai Culture and Heritage Center travel guide app as a core part of the travel protocol for a trip to the island. Fulfillment: The application has been improved and updated; and all Lanai businesses are encouraged to promote the use of the app by visitors.
  • Action D: Encourages the practice of sustainable tourism in Lanai. Progress: Opportunities have been identified through Pulama Lanai and the Lanai Cultural and Heritage Centre. A mineral sunscreen dispenser will be installed at Hulopoʻe Beach. The Maui Visitors and Conference Bureau is working with the State Department of Land and Natural Resources to support the Department of Water Resources’ 30 X 30 benchmark to manage 30% of coastal waters statewide by 2030.
  • Electronic promotion: Advertise the city of Lanai to increase spending for residents and small businesses. Progress: The Lanai Advisory Council was formed, new day trip itineraries were developed, and improvements were made to Lanai’s GoHawaii.com web pages. Work is also underway to raise awareness about transport to Lanai city from the port and airport.
  • F-share: Encourage and enable visitors to plan a meaningful day trip or stay on Lanai while respecting the land, people and lifestyle of Lanai. Progress: Video footage of the Malama-Maui County Pledge is played on Expeditions Ferry. Malama Maui…


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