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What are the secrets of successful cooperation with the brand?

Fendes. Adidas x Gucci. Fendi and Sarah Jessica Parker. It’s trendy to collaborate lately, whether it’s with an influential celebrity, a popular brand from another industry, or even another fashion brand.

Why such enthusiasm around collaborations? Forbes contacted Hilda Batainechfounder and executive creative director at Reunited clothes. As part of the brand, Hilda Batainech has facilitated influencer and celebrity partnerships with clothing brands, finding perfect matches between brand and influencer, and initiating collaborative deals that have become an important part of the fashion industry. Hilda Batainech has worked on several collaborations such as Olivia Culpo x Marled, Rocky Barnes x Express Where Lauren Lane x Sonoma at Kohl’s as well as famous brands such as Royalty from Maluma for Maisie.

Per Forbesthe founder of Reunited Clothing explains why collaboration is so important in the fashion and beauty industry and how to make such a partnership successful.

What is the secret of a successful collaboration with a celebrity?

“To successfully collaborate with a celebrity, talent must be truly invested in the project from start to finish. This also includes conceptualizing the campaign and using it as an opportunity to tell the story of the collaboration. It is important that both sides have a passion for fashion. This is not a contract and not results. It is important that everyone be authentic and show a sense of belonging as the audience can feel the level of authenticity. »

What do you look for when pairing influencers or celebrities with fashion brands?

“The most important thing is that the goals of the brand and talent coincide. When the mission is the same, the course has many synergies and a favorable outcome. For example, if a brand’s goal is to acquire a new customer base, we are looking for talent whose audience consists of that particular demographic. »

Which celebrities or influencers create the most successful collections?

“The most successful collections come from talents who know their audience and interact with it on a more intimate level. Not only do they really know what they are looking for, but they also take their feedback into account and apply it to the collection. It’s like a unique discussion group that constantly provides real-time feedback and can then influence decisions. This is a collaboration that fills a void in the market and is therefore the result of a rather…

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