We asked, you answered: what is your best advice for traveling to a summer conference?

The trip to the association’s summer meetings has already begun, and our readers have offered many helpful tips to make the process easier.

Ideas focused both on the practical things people need to do to make it work (such as cash for tips and the right cords to charge devices) and self-service practices that make time for quiet during the event, as well as for rest and relaxation after the conference.

Read on for suggestions.

Jennifer Wronevich

APIC Annual Conference Director— Association of Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology

Walk yourself. Returning to travel and personal meetings can affect morally and physically. There is something to think about. Full face-to-face involvement, while amazing, can be exhausting for even the most extroverted. I make sure I have time in my schedule to check myself, relax, or just be quiet. Oh, and Vionic shoes.

Stephen Humphrey

Senior Director of Conferences, Meetings and Technical Services, Alliance of Academic Internal Medicine

Double check all your travel tech supplies. Do you still have the right connectors for your devices that have changed during the pandemic? Is your portable charger still charged? Do you need a new travel suitcase to keep everything organized?

Sara Link, CAE

Executive Director of the Mississippi Optometric Association

I have two tips. First, if you’re flying and checking your bag, don’t forget to pack your essentials in your small carry-on: travel toiletries, cosmetics, eyeglasses/contact lenses. Include at least a change of underwear, if not a complete change of clothes. This will keep you out of trouble if your bag doesn’t arrive at your destination at the same time as you. Second, give yourself time to relax after you get home. Don’t come back to the office the next day. Get enough sleep, check email if necessary, but give yourself a day to recover, especially if this is the first personal trip or conference you’ve attended since 2020. You will be surprised how much your body appreciates the recovery time. .

Kelly McKeown King

Director of Communications and Creative Services, National Association of Public Procurers

If it’s a large conference room, wear tennis shoes. It’s 2022; Nobody cares what’s on your feet. They take care of what you have to contribute.

Joyce Pashall, CAE

Associate Executive Director for Education and Engagement, American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine

Take cash with you, especially small bills for tips. Expect no one to beat 20, perhaps not even at a hotel reception or belfry, bar or shop. Take it with you in the denomination you intend to use. Realize what others probably won’t [bringing cash]which means housekeeping staff, especially housekeepers, are getting less on top of fewer opportunities due to reduced housekeeping.

Chris Lock

Director of Marketing, Membership and Education Society for the Development…

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