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Want to experience life at Tiny House? These hosts offer a farm stay two hours from Paris.

Oh! Tiny houses, more than one city dweller dreams of them, exhausted by city noise, pollution, different periods of past isolation … A return to nature is necessary! For those who can, building a tiny house on land in the countryside seems like the most ideal solution. But obviously not everyone has that opportunity! On the other hand, almost everyone can treat themselves to a short weekend in a small house in the heart of the Sart countryside. A couple of organic farmers from Vibraye (72) had a brilliant idea to develop agritourism on their farm… Marin and Cedric run an organic farm with 9,000 laying hens. And they “invite” you to live in their tiny house to experience the joys of life on the farm! Presentation.

Diversification of agricultural activities

We know very well that our farmers do not receive huge salaries on their farms. Therefore, some embark on diversification to provide a more comfortable income, but also to activities that are often more enjoyable than exploitation. When some choose direct sale or production of products such as jams or goat cheese, others are turned into holiday accommodations. This is a choice made by Marine and Cédric Gauthier, who run an organic laying hen farm in Vibre (72). And in order to realize this project and let Marine get paid, they chose a superb tiny house, eco-friendly of course, as L’Echo Sarthois explained. Their desire to have lowest possible environmental impact survived … So this tiny house was imposed on them!

Interior of a tiny house in the fields
Photo Credit: Parcel / Airbnb

Setting up their tiny house

To implement their project, they turned to Sarthe Tourisme, who recommended a service provider. Plotspecializing in agricultural diversification. This company specializes in the installation of tiny houses in factories for a commission on accommodation and services. For farmers no investments and this is indeed the key to success… For agricultural occupations, banks may be reluctant to issue loans that are not directly related to the core business. Moreover, outdoor placement is not the business of operators! In addition, Domaine de Beaulieu is the fifth to install a tiny house plot on their land.

Tiny house in the fields
Photo Credit: Parcel / Airbnb

And proud of their first experience, the couple are now considering a second tiny house…. A priori, the first one manages to fill up with tourists in search of nature, and it must be said that Perche is less than two hours from Paris… On the…

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