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Video. F1 2022, the most… stylish Formula 1 game!?

For a few years, Formula 1 was back in vogue. Influenced by very “trendy” pilots like Lewis Hamilton, and also thanks to shows like Drive to Survive on Netflix that make pilots more glamorous, more adorable, like real superheroes. And the official F1 2022 premium game seems to be following that trend. So the simulation promises to be more fun than ever with the ability to collect cars, clothes, fashion accessories and more, or even drive safety cars! In addition to the usual content and the presence of sprint events, for the first time in the game, many other innovations are on the agenda. Also, Electronic Arts and Codemasters are putting together these add-ons for us in the next trailer. Knowing that the “Champion Edition” will bring bonus content such as the ability to drive a Mercedes and Aston Martin used as a safety car.

F1 22 allows players to live out their Formula 1 dreams both on and off the track.said Lee Mather, F1® Senior Creative Director at Codemasters. “Players are looking to usher in a new era of Formula 1 with new cars, new rules and better control of race day moments. F1 22 allows players to share information with friends off the track. The personalized space available in F1 Life allows players to showcase their collection of cars and accessories they should have and make their friends and rivals jealous.

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