Traveling with a pug is not easy

I am a big travel lover. Before the pandemic, I did a lot of this.

I have only flown a few times, so most of my travel is car travel and my destinations are usually within eight hours of home. Let’s be honest, on most of these trips, NASCAR races were the destination.

As a child, I did some camping. My mom bought a camper after my dad passed away when I was little, and we took it to several state parks and campgrounds (and even a NASCAR race). When my stepfather showed up, we first switched to a large travel trailer, and then to a large truck tractor.

At the time, we didn’t have many hotel stays. So when I got older and started traveling on my own, I didn’t have a camper or truck to pull it. I tried tenting once – my wife and I camped out at a NASCAR race at the Michigan International Speedway. The rain started on Saturday evening and did not stop until Tuesday. It was terrible. So after that I started making hotels, which I found out I really liked.

I have stayed in many hotels over the past 10 years. A couple of years ago I spent most of my summer following some NASCAR races in the Midwest as a member of the media and I became a platinum member of the hotel chain I stayed at thanks to all the days I spent there. .

But that was before the pandemic.

I have always had a dream of having a motor home and just traveling around the country. I once wanted to become a travel journalist so that someone would pay me for it. But during the pandemic, our office was closed and all of our employees worked from home. In many places, the Internet connection has become so good that I realized that this is the perfect time for a motorhome, because I can travel anywhere and still do my job during the day.

Around the same time, I also discovered #vanlife. If you’re not familiar with it, there’s a big thing on YouTube where people turn a sprinter van into a mini RV and live in it for a year, two years, maybe longer. I don’t dream of being homeless, but there’s something amazing about making the whole country your backyard.

However, I have a wife, two kids, and a dog, so #onelife isn’t very practical. But I returned to the motorhome.

I have looked at so many RV reviews on YouTube in the last six months. I watched countless playthroughs and dreamed of buying my own.

This weekend we are embarking on our second trip, which includes a post-pandemic hotel stay.

We have had a dog for the last 11 years. Our previous pug, Bella, didn’t give us any problems because we had a lot of people wanting to see her. Other than stealing tissues whenever she could, she wasn’t much of a problem.

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