TPA gears up for busy summer travel season

TAMPA, Florida. Tampa International Airport is gearing up for a possible record-breaking summer tourist season.

Airport officials said peak days are currently above pre-pandemic levels. Airlines and federal partner agencies are ready to handle more than 70,000 passengers a day. The TPA Customs and Border Protection checkpoint can accommodate more travelers at the airport because there are several flights a week from London, Cancun, Zurich, Frankfurt and other international cities.

Queues for international flights grew at the airport on Memorial Day.

Aidyn Avdovich and his family were expecting an international flight on Monday.

“I am planning a trip to Bosnia. This is a family vacation, we are going to visit my family in Bosnia, and after that we are going to go to Serbia to visit my whole family, because half of my family is there,” said Aydın Avdović.

Avani Bhate, 10, also travels with her family.

“We are going to India for six weeks to see family and friends. It’s summer vacation now,” passenger Avani Bhait said.

On Memorial Day, Tampa International reported 37 relatively minor delays and 22 cancellations.

“The journey actually turned out to be much easier than we had planned. We got on an earlier flight so that was nice,” said Sarah Murrel, who is traveling from Nebraska.

Airport officials suggest that passengers arrive two hours before departure for domestic flights and three hours for international flights.

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