Tired of economic restrictions, this couple (and their child) are dropping everything to live in a self-sufficient tiny house.

Many of us currently dream of a house that would be in nature, where only the singing of birds would interfere with our daily life … And this house would also allow us to no longer pay our water, gas, electricity bills. . For this it would be necessary willing to change lifestyle get closer to nature and live in self-sufficiency… Utopia? Perhaps for you, but not for this American family who one day decided to turn their small house into a self-sufficient home… Fatima and Croyden, from the Gold Coast, Australia, accepted the challenge. Here is their story.

Decision made during the pandemic

In early 2020, when the pandemic broke out, no one imagined the consequences for our lives just two years later… In addition to heightened social ties, this pandemic has caused unprecedented global inflation exacerbated by the crisis in Ukraine. Many couples or families such as Fatima and Croyden then made the decision to change their lives. abandon the usual life, for a freer life and with fewer economic restrictions.

Big tiny house with sitting family
Photo credit: @wheelersonwheels/Instagram

Tiny house of Wheeler, Fatima and Croyden

The name Wheeler (rolling) was found for this tiny house that you can follow. on Wheelers on Wheels Instagram account, they talk about their adventures there, which thus began at the beginning of 2020. The couple had a child at the time and realized their rent was becoming exorbitant when the pandemic forced them to close their fitness business. They then decided to opt for a small house built by Aussie Tiny Homes, just 4.3 meters high, 7.2 meters long and 2.4 meters wide… A radical departure from their rather spacious three-room apartment, but became too expensive.

Tiny Wheeler House in detail

Fatima and Croyden’s little house now welcomes a second child born in the house… The tiny house, placed on a three-axle trailer, consists of a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom and living room. Upstairs, the parents have equipped two bedrooms with safety nets, one for the kids and one for the parents. One of the bedrooms also has a skylight, which means you don’t have to use electricity! They added great terrace who faces a body of water and can, if they wish, connect their house to the water and electricity network available on their land.

beautiful wooden house
Photo credit: @wheelersonwheels/Instagram

Beautiful plantations bring a vegetal touch to the front of the terrace. For electricity, they probably chose to connect to the network, the possible solar panels are not mentioned anywhere. But…

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