Tiny House: What if you slept with a million bees in an Air Bee and Bee on wheels?

Are you looking for a rental for your next vacation and want to discover something different? The Wonder Bee & Bee announces the color if you understand a few words in Shakespeare’s language: bee in English means bee, and wonder, wonder… If the wonder bees don’t make you wrap your legs around your neck, then this house might be made for you… In the south of Italy, in Grottola, on Airbnb (by the way, Air bee and bee) there is a house for rent that will allow you to sleep, lulled by the buzzing of bees. Wait, she’s beautiful, but still a little restless! Presentation.

What is the Miracle Bee and the bee?

May 20 last year, World Bee Day, Italian beekeeper Rocco Filomeno presented a strange tiny house that he built himself. Baptized Air Bee And Bee (well, found no?), This house set in the heart of the Italian olive grove absolutely nothing classic. Minimalistic, it especially allows visitors to sleep among the bees… If you are an apiphobe, then you can say that this house will not find favor in your eyes… The incessant buzzing will haunt you even in your sleep. !

Tiny wooden house
Photo Credit: Airbnb

Visit Wonder Bee & Bee

A tiny house where you can live with bees is located in the village of Grottole, Italy. Its owner, a beekeeper, spent just over €15,000 ($17,000) building his house thanks to crowdfunding and with the help of 17 volunteers on site. The house consists of spruce wood and logs and glazing. Inside the main room there is a beehive, closed by windows. In total, taking into account the exterior, there are nine apiaries in the house … A real paradise for bees! The interior of the house can be described rather quickly: the program has one room, on the same level with two beds and storage space. Add a sink and a jug of water, and the work of the owner … But, sitting comfortably in the couch, you can admire the work of the bee colony, which settled in the inner hive. Impressive!

Lots of bees!

One million bees is the figure put forward by the developer… And they are the guests of this rather special house, and yet a little scary! If you want to sleep there, don’t forget to bring earplugs, noise can cause insomnia. As for the kitchen and bathroom, you will have to cross the garden and do these activities in a neighboring chalet. A solar shower hanging from an olive tree and a thermal bag instead of a fridge… More basic and minimalistic, hard to find, right? Finally, know that if you rent this house for a few days, The rental price includes…

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