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Tiny House: This bright 15 m² dwelling, halfway between the house and the artist’s studio, costs only 16,000 euros.

Tiny houses are everywhere and in a few years have become a very fashionable trend … Is it because of different periods of self-isolation, difficulties in obtaining a mortgage, or simply because of a desire to return to basics? We don’t really know how to explain it, but tiny houses are loved by everyone, for all ages… Some even build them for their seniors to keep them close to them and avoid life in a nursing home! On the other side of the Earth, in New Zealand, there is a show dedicated to the original tiny houses. The program became a real hit and some time ago was broadcast in France under the name Tiny house: takeaway mini house. If you follow the show Living big in a small houseyou could see Bryce Langstonleading, walking around in that Brett Sutherland, a New Zealander, bone sculptor and tattoo artist by profession… His small house, completely self-contained, has an area of ​​​​only 15 m². Presentation.

Little house Brett Sutherland

Today, small houses come in all styles, all sizes, and are sometimes very surprising. With its 15 square meters and completely autonomous, the one from Brett Sutherland a real home treasure. Features unique design elements and would cost him only about 14,000 euros. Originally built in the garden of the young man’s parents, he was soon to travel to Auckland, where Brett I want to settle. This small modern house is full of treasures that a young man, a little adventurous, has unearthed in his various adventures.

White Tiny House for 16,000 euros
Photo: Bryce Langston/YouTube Screenshot: Living Big in a Small House

House-workshop of the artist

We know it’s very common for tiny homes to be turned into a garden studio or telecommuting office. Bretthe decided to live there, but also create your artist’s studio practice his profession as a bone sculptor. He built his house himself so as not to go into debt or mortgage property. This man was a sailor and already built his catamarans. So it was only natural that he set about building his “mini” tiny house on his own! He explains that since he’s already used to a reduced lifestyle, the transition wasn’t that hard, but in the end, here’s what true freedom means to him. Especially since he is used to living on a boat, so his 15 m² house is huge for him!

Brief tour of the house

Young man is using only recycled materials for your little house. For example, he installed a flexible water tank hidden under an extra bed that also doubles as a bench. Earn…

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