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Tiny House: Builder Tiny Life Unveils Its Latest Motorhome, 600 Stream (With Plans)

Mini-houses have become so “fashionable” that today it is necessary to be able to stand out from the competition. It is no longer enough to build small environmentally friendly wooden houses to win over new customers. And, apparently, the German manufacturers of Tiny Life understood this well by releasing the smallest model in their catalog – 600 Stream! This little house obviously remains a tiny house based on a 600 cm TH flatbed trailer and has a usable area of ​​only 13.1 m²… The builders managed to fit everything you need to live. the total weight of which never exceeded 3.5 tons… A feat for this small house with a very elegant and original design. Presentation.

Small but functional!

The Tiny House 600 Stream may be small, but it retains all the features of the larger models. With a little featureprovide a covered area at the rear of the trailer! This tiny house surprises with its design and functionality inside. With its slightly aerodynamic styling, it clashes with classic tiny houses. The two-tone façade (wood and grey) seems to invite the elements to come inside.

Little girl in front of a tiny house
Photo Credit: Tiny Life

Appearance 600 Stream

To handle all types of weather, you must first know that the tiny 600 Stream is perfectly insulated (120mm thick) so you don’t have to worry about harsh winters! Two entrances are possible: one from the front and one from the side, thanks to huge bay window which has been installed overlooking a large terrace.

Interior 600 Stream

With an area of ​​only 13.1 m², but a height of 3.82 meters, this total area 35 m² What 600 Stream has to offer… When you enter the tiny house, you are immediately taken to the living room, which doubles as a sleeping and dining area. To the left is the bathroom and to the right is the kitchen. perfectly thought out storage.

Tiny house and its interior
Photo Credit: Tiny Life

Other models from Tiny Life

The German manufacturer offers three basic models that are fully customizable. The 600 Stream that we have just introduced to you, as well as the 720 Cube and Cabanon 840. The 720 Cube offers 15.8 m² in a total area of ​​43 m². As for the Cabanon 840, the largest model of the manufacturer, it has an area of ​​18.5 m² for total area 46.75 m²…. Remember that in a tiny house, floor space doesn’t necessarily mean living space! Mezzanines typically double the surface area and offer more living space! Because each tiny house is customizable,it can be stand-alone or connected to networks,

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