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Tiny house: Basque manufacturer Kusku presents its “cocoons” on wheels

In French, the term “tiny house” is translated as “micromason” or “little house”, but we don’t have a suitable word… What if, in a few years, instead of a tiny house, we buy Kuska? We would like to present the concept of this Basque company, a builder of tiny houses under the direction of its founder. Etienne Boissière. In Basque, Kusku means cocoon, and Etienne’s little cocoons have just won a regional prize at the Créadie competition in the Energy and Ecological Transition category. 28 candidates competed honestly for this award, which is given to microentrepreneurs. I must say that the Cusku are absolutely crispy! Presentation.

Kuku, who is this?

As we just said, Kusku in Basque is a cocoon. And for this young company, founded in 2019, the goal is to offer small cozy cocoons with lowest possible environmental impact to their clients. Individuals wishing to afford a second home or investment in seasonal rentals, Kusku for those who wish to unusual, minimalistic and comfortable rooms, without damaging nature! All materials from which Kusku is made are chosen to have a minimal impact on the environment (selection, implementation, future use, etc.). Small houses are made in the workshop of Saint-Just Ybarre and they also try revive the economy of this place Interior of the Basque Country.

Tiny house got baptized
Photo Credit: Kusku

Dimensions of Kusku miniature houses

Each tiny home offers around 15m² of floor space or 40m3 of super-optimized available volume! To meet the dimensions allowed for towing, they are 2.55 meters wide, 4.20 meters high and 4 to 7.20 meters long for a tiny one-story house. Layout, on the other hand, fully optimized and usually consists of a living room, an equipped kitchen, a bathroom and a mezzanine, or even two, depending on the needs of clients. Warehouses are also designed by the company. Kuzku adapts to your needs and your budget and creates the tiny house that suits you… There are two models available, Coquille and Cocoon, and we will explain the difference to you.

Tiny House Kusku (Shell)

This version of Kusku is for those who want to do “semi-do-it-yourself building”. Once the 3D design is ready, the company takes care of all the hard work and you take care of all the interior finishing. The “shell” is delivered to and removed from the water and air by the company’s forces. Thus, the shell formula includes trailer, frame (reinforced walls, frame, floor and mezzanine), custom wood joinery and water and air sealing… Otherwise, you will have to turn into Bob …

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