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TikTok: Youtuber’s words about depression shock the web!

Tibo Inshape is a must on TikTok. But lately, the famous YouTuber has made a splash because of the video!

During few hours, Tibo InShape is in the center lively controversy. A video from a famous YouTuber has appeared on TikTok. burn gunpowder… MCE TV will explain why!

Tibo InShape causes a real buzz on Tiktok

Who doesn’t know Tibo InShape to this day? On the Web, the main stakeholder is constantly inspiring his community with his lifestyle!

Passionate about sports, he commemorates all his sporting events to encourage his followers do the same. Thanks to its notoriety, a major stakeholder has also been able to develop an incredible fitness business.

And that is not all! Being very popular on social networks, the handsome brunette also likes to educate his followers on topics and causes that are close to him.

His pairing, created with Juju Fitcats, has the ability to inflame passions. For her part, the young woman strongly advocates body positivism ! Succumb to cosmetic surgery and use filters galore? Not enough for her!

“We are humans, perfection does not exist (…)”, also analyzed the videographer on the Internet. “Young girls take a cue from this and suddenly stop accepting themselves at all, can no longer look at themselves in the mirror, can no longer take a photo or story normally or otherwise. they hide their face or their body.”

With his favorite, pretty brunette, trainer in thousands of Internet users every day. But lately Tibo InShape also caused a real stir on TikTok. You will understand why…

@tiboinshape Had to pull it out! Motivate your friends!

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Internet users fight with youtuber

This Sunday, June 5th, Tibo InShape wanted to increase the number of subscribers with new video! In the frames, he plays sports … Consulting his fans about their daily lives.

“Wake up, damn it. Nothing to do with your depression. No apologies for you. Don’t care about your little broken heart.”, he pointed out.

But also : “Ignore your psychological pressure. Nothing to do with your laziness. Nothing to do with your doubts. Stop being a bitch, a person without any motivation. Stop wasting your life. Get up immediately.”.

Unfortunately for him, his publication also drew criticism. “Your post is very cruel. Do you know that depression is out of control? “, “How to make depression look like something unimportant… Thanks Tibo Inshape”, can be read in the comments thread. “What message are you sending to the most vulnerable? I’m reporting!

So in the midst of the riots, Tibo InShape tried to calm the situation. “My goal was also to motivate…

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