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TikTok: this practical tip to get the best out of the Zara website!

Tiktok makes life easier again! The videographer publishes a very practical explanation of the use of the Zara website.

The Zara website can sometimes look bad… But in fact, it’s because we don’t use it well. So the Tiktok account shares the trick to look at clothes without taking your eyes off. MCETV explains everything!

Possibly several Zara!

Because when you do a search on a Spanish brand website, you can quickly get lost. Actually the pictures may be scattered and do not seem connected… This is pointed out by a videographer on social media.

Except that she ended up understanding how the site works. Therefore, she publishes Tiktok to tell the truth to all the fans. Life hack, which is only in the network social secret… And who can make life easier for those who browse Zara.

Indeed, it does not always seem easy or logical to compare clothes with each other. But go to the search bar and type whatever you want. You will see a selection of parts displayed on the screen. So far, no surprises.

If you’re unlucky (which happens often), the parts are displayed in a fairly specific order. One at the top, two in the middle, only one on the right, one at the very bottom… This is where Tiktok can change your life.

So life changes, or maybe not. But in any case, make your visit more enjoyable. because there is a trick that Zara has provided on their websiteto display the clothes the way you want. Just look at the top of the page…

@livbedz I’m the only one who didn’t know this 😮‍💨😮‍💨 #zara #zarahaul #onlineshopping ♬ original sound – 🧛🏻‍♀️

Tiktok: simple, fast, effective

The videographer shows it herself in the social network. still in this video hack, she thus shows herself in the situation. Look a little lost, a little proud, and the phrase: “I don’t understand how the Zara website works at all.”

Let’s search for Zara’s leopard clothes on Tiktok… Only the @livbedz account makes you discover something: little bar that some of us have never seen. Even we in the editorial office did not believe it.

And yet, after a few seconds of bewilderment, this streak really popped up on us. Then drag the little dot onto the slider… And all of a sudden, Zara search page changes shape.

A way to change the order of web pages. A good idea from Zara, which undoubtedly allows phones, tablets, PCs or all other screens to be able to adapt the preview. Except we had to wait for Tiktok to find out…

So all you have to do is try. Or maybe even…

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