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TikTok: Luan criticizes the “Challenge the waist with headphones” trend!

TikTok has a new trend that is causing controversy. This is the Earphone Waist Challenge, a trend that Luan opposes.

There is something new on the TikTok side. As a result, Waist call with headphones is spinning a lot lately on the net. A challenge that Luan finds funny and toxic. MCE TV will tell you everything from A to Z!

TikTok Trending Phenomenon

It is no longer necessary to submit an application. Everyone all over the world knows TikTok. Favorite social network of youth.

In addition, if there is something that attracts them in the application, they are different directions. But it doesn’t date from yesterday.

Indeed, since the birth of TikTok, they occupy a very important place. So it goes from a doubles challenge to a flexibility challenge.

But it happens that some trends can become dangerous. Not so long ago, TikTok fans saw challenge #Labello. A challenge that, to put it mildly, had no place on the social network.

The principle was pretty simple. It was necessary cut off a piece of Labello as soon as irritation appears. If the basics of this task weren’t bothering, then this is what parents are worried about.

And not in vain, as soon as the lip balm is over, people had to end their days. Only that !

If this TikTok trend is putting subscribers at great risk, there are those who another, which can also cause serious consequences on the physical and mental level. And there’s nothing to say!

So the one that works the most at the moment is the Earphone Waist Challenge. A challenge that Luan finds ridiculous and toxic. MCE TV will tell you more!

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Luan denounces the ridiculous and poisonous challenge

There has been a frequent challenge on TikTok over the past few days. This is a waist test with headphones.

The least people can say is that this weight loss trend can be dangerous. Especially this the principle is rather perverse.

You should bring a pair of wired headphones and try wrap around the waist twice to prove that he is thin. What creates complexes and pushes people to lose weight.

If this trend seems recent to some, know that it is far from it. Waist call with headphones has already gone viral in 2021.

But TikTok had remove it from the platform. We must believe that this challenge is back in force.

Faced with such difficulties, the singer Luana had to react. So, she posted a video to the music of the Earphone Waist Challenge.

“I’ve never seen such a toxic trend and ridiculous… Headphones for listening to music”,

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