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TikTok is launching a new interface that is already causing controversy among fans!

There are changes on the TikTok side. Moreover, the social network is testing a new interface in which there is no unanimity.

Faced with fierce competition on social media, TikTok is trying to get better. Thereby, the platform is testing a new interface. MCE TV will tell you everything from A to Z!

Increasingly Crazy TikTok Trends

It’s not a secret, many trends appear on TikTok. Indeed, the Chinese social network stands out as the place for all the news. Yes exactly!

I have to say that TikTok users are doubling their creativity. Fashion, beauty, sports, cooking or even music – everyone will find something for themselves. And yes, Internet users are more surprised than ever. Therefore, to the delight of users.

In fact, one of them launched a completely new concept. As a result, Summer Clayton Now Offers Virtual Dining. For people who have no one to dine with, influencers come to keep them company. Pretty cool, no?

In a completely different register, Jasmine Giltrow also made a splash on TikTok. And it was not in vain that the young woman explained how cook pasta without water. And yes, it does seem to be possible. There is something to intrigue the most greedy Internet users.

But in fact, if Internet users can show their creativity, then this is also thanks to the platform. And it’s not for nothing that TikTok strives to offer the best features. Thereby, the social network is testing a new interface today. Moreover, the latter does not seem to be unanimous. MCE TV will tell you more!

A new interface for a social network?

No one can miss the TikTok phenomenon. And it’s not for nothing that the social network, straight from China, is wildly successful all over the world. Moreover, the application has become most downloaded in the first quarter of 2022. Not bad !

It must be said that TikTok leaves nothing to chance. Therefore, faced with a lot of competition from social networks, the application is trying to get out of the game without hesitation to redouble its efforts and test new features.

Today, so the social network is betting on a new interface. Indeed, the latter now wants to remove all distractions visible on the timeline. Thus, Internet users will only see the video.

On his Twitter account, Matt Navarra, a well-known social media consultant, spoke about the new TikTok project. Hence, it is “pure mode”.. The latter seems to be at the moment in the testing phase with a small number of users. There is something to intrigue…

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