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TikTok: 10 most popular themes in the app!

TikTok has many themes. However, some of them have a special place in the well-known application.

Do you like TikTok? Today, the editors released a list of the 10 most popular themes in the application. MCE TV will tell you everything from A to Z!

TikTok is popular with young people

It’s no longer a secret. Over the years, TikTok managed to impose itself in the field of social networks. However, the competition is fierce!

Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram. The platforms are multiplying. So much so that Internet users sometimes no longer know where to turn. Despite everything, the Chinese application has become one of the most used.

Especially among young people. Eh yes! Insta clearly has something to worry about. And in an attempt to put a spoke in the wheels of its opponent, the Meta group application continues to launch new features on its own network.

For its part, TikTok is ecstatic. Every day more and more subscribers become addicted to the app. And this is thanks to the variety of content available. Today the editors will tell you more about the 10 most popular topics!

Culinary environment

In TikTok, as in other applications, culinary arts buzz. Eh yes! Food must be taken very seriously. There is no doubt that reality food shows will accelerate this trend. The trend that matters 27.6 million interactions. Only that !

Top Beauty on TikTok

Just like cooking, beauty one of the most popular topics on TikTok. Indeed, workshops are multiplying and fashionistas are constantly looking for new tips to improve their outfits. makeup to match.

Gaming Ultra present in the app

At number 3, with over 10.3 million interactions, games are raging. Away from your consoles video game enthusiasts are also addicted to TikTok. But giving up your passion for social media is out of the question. The goal is to link the two!

TikTok: 10 most popular themes in the app!
TikTok: 10 most popular themes in the app!

Various themes in the app

In addition to culinary arts, beauty and games, there are many other topics. very present on TikTok:

Parenting in the spotlight

This thread proves thatnot only young people love to spend time on TikTok. Vice versa. Parents also succumbed to the app.

iPhone is successful on TikTok

Apple can count on internet users to offer some advice to happy iPhone owners. As a result, smartphone hacking There are a lot of bitten apples on the social network.

Ultra popular fashion

Just like makeup fashion also has a special place on TikTok. There is something to please…

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