Three track and field athletes travel to Indiana to compete in the NCAA East Region preliminaries.

Jake Dalton ’23 and Miles Shrek ’22 competed in the hammer throw and Julia Fenerty ’23 ran the 800m.

Caroline York | 32 minutes ago

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Last week, three track and field athletes traveled to Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. compete in the NCAA East Region Preliminaries. Jake Dalton (23) and Miles Shrek (22) competed in the hammer throw, while Julia Fenerty (23) ran the 800m.

This is the first time in three years that Big Green has sent an athlete to this event after the last two outdoor seasons were canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to the difficulty of participating in a competition of this magnitude, the athletes faced bad weather conditions on the day of the competition.

Dalton said that rain soaked the throwing circle before his competition, creating a “glitch” that could potentially affect his performance due to balance issues.

“Knowing that the weather will be a factor throughout the day is something you need to be prepared for,” Shrek said. “You have to put mind over matter, and if you endure that, technology will still endure and you can still overcome it.”

Dalton finished 35th in the hammer throw with a throw of 59.14 meters recorded on his second attempt, while teammate Shrek finished 43rd with a throw of 56.79 meters on his first attempt. Normally, hammer throwers have six attempts for the final throw, but athletes in these preliminary events are limited to three. Fenerty finished the 800 m in a time of 2:10.15, placing 43rd in the first round and failing to advance.

Fenerty admitted that this was her first full season not interrupted by injury, and so she felt some of the pressure of a full season in this competition.

“I am proud that I tried my best, but was not happy with my results,” Fenerty said. “I never gave up mentally, I just didn’t feel the best because my legs were tired after the first year of training.”

Schreck noted that the NCAA East is hosting talented Power Five conference teams that Dartmouth doesn’t usually face in regular season competition. Only…

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