This tour firm permits you to stroll with a gang of goats alongside the coast of Newfoundland.

One Newfoundland firm combines two of life’s easiest pleasures: coastal climbing alongside the rugged North Atlantic and frolicking with the world’s smallest and arguably most mischievous goats.

“Nigerian pygmy goats are very curious and attention-grabbing creatures,” says Lita proprietor Mae Button, laughing as she pulls detritus from the mouth of one in all her cussed companions.

In one thing new, Button provides, the goats love to stay their noses in, making the afternoon unpredictable for tour friends.

Button Adventures gives two group walks every week alongside the coast of Broad Cove, north of Dildo, Nevada, with Button’s six four-hoofed assistants: Holly, Ivy, Champ, Penelope, Pippa and Caroline.

You’ll be able to watch the antics of the goats within the video above.

Study extra from CBC Newfoundland and Labrador

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