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This new iOS 16 feature that all people who have an iPhone have been dreaming about for years is finally here and it will truly change their lives.

During every WWDC, the famous Apple Developers Conference, the Cupertino company released iOS 16, a new operating system for its iPhones. Finally, not all of his iPhones, as we learned that the 2016 iPhone 6S, iPhone 7, and iPhone SE models will not be affected by the major update.

The first novelty introduced in this iOS 16 is the Lock Screen. It offers a new personalized lock screen experience with a redesigned date and time appearance, the ability to layer photos or even widgets such as battery level, activity rings, weather… We acknowledge that the demos were made in front of our eyes in Apple Park , are envious, and we can’t wait to break the monotony of our screen. But that expectation is nothing compared to the update that needs to be made to App Messages.

In iOS 16, it will indeed be possible to edit or revoke messages. A real find, because who hasn’t gotten the wrong recipient once? Who hasn’t seen a spell checker replace a word with something that has nothing to do with it? Who hasn’t regretted sending someone a message a second after sending it? It happened to everyone. Now the iOS 16 operating system will fix these errors. However, be careful, Apple specifies that the ability to return is instant: “Users can edit or retract a message within 15 minutes of sending it.” Despite this time limit, this new iOS 16 feature will be a real little everyday revolution for iPhone owners. Ironically, this is similar to what Elon Musk intended to do with Twitter, including the ability to edit your tweet after it was posted. Which did not have good press from social network subscribers.

Among other new features in Messages, we also note that anyone will be able to recover recently deleted messages within 30 days of deleting them and mark conversations as unread to return to them later. Again, Apple and iOS 16 will set a limit: “Users can recover recently deleted messages within 30 days of being deleted.” This leaves enough time to find the message we thought was definitely gone.


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