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This Mistake You Make When Cooking a Steak

A mistake, it’s not at all easy to fry the meat so that it caramelizes well with juices on the outside and is tender on the inside.

It is often cooked in butter or olive oil or both, which is ultimately not a good idea because, as France’s youngest star chef explains: “At temperatures above 140°C, these two fats burn off and can be harmful to health.”

Julia Sedefjian, who runs her Baieta restaurant and Ciceron gourmet shop in Paris, advises cooking meat in a hot skillet with a drop of grapeseed oil, which has a high smoke point (a temperature at which it can become toxic).

Alternatively, you can use sunflower, peanut or corn oil. And to add flavor and tenderness to the meat, she “always adds a pat of butter at the end of the simmer to drizzle over the meat and make it very tender.”

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