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This container house in Ontario (with climbing wall) costs only 46,000 euros.

The drive to get back to basics and nature seems to be confirmed in early 2022. There are countless builders of alternative habitats such as tiny houses, container houses or hobbit houses. After the various periods of forced isolation that we have experienced, there is a desire to escape. In the category of container houses, we invite you to discover the original model, which is located in Ontario in Canada. A small house that offers comfort, functionality and a bit of originality: a climbing wall to keep your evenings busy… All for the sum of $52,000 (approximately €46,000)! Opening.

Container house, what is it?

As the name suggests, this type of housing built from discarded shipping containers. If wood is the material of choice for building tiny houses, then with a container house, metal is obviously at the center of the structure, but there’s nothing stopping you from covering rather unsightly metal with light-colored wood cladding. More and more future owners imagine life in a container house: they build quickly, cheaper than traditional houses and modular as desired. After all, with these houses you can “treat” an area of ​​​​200 m², if you want, simply by collecting or stacking containers, like LEGO!

Sea container in Ontario

The Canadian house consists of three blocks in one, which consists of a shipping container. This house is ideal for those who want get rid of the superficial without sacrificing your little comfort. The exterior of the house is both rustic and modern, as metal and wood blend harmoniously. Wood on each side, bringing cottage and cozy style. On the other, or rather, in the center, a container left in its own juice, or almost painted bright red … The house forms the letter “U”, which allows create a pretty nice patio.

Home interior

As soon as you enter this house, you will find all the comforts: a fully equipped kitchen with stove, refrigerator and appliances. The storage rooms have been designed to optimize space, as in all houses of this surface. After the kitchen there is a living room and access to the first floor. Moreover, if you look closely, you will see ladder side climbing wall… An original way to go to bed, as the floor has a mattress for two people and some useful storage space! In the living room, which connects to the bedrooms on one side, there is a large sofa, thanks to which you can admire the landscape. Container House Equipped huge bay windows letting in light…

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