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These products cannot be stored in a plastic box

Raw meat. Do not store it in a plastic box, it will expire faster causing bacteria to grow. It is better to put it on a plate and cover with cling film and still eat it very quickly.

Smoked salmon . He does not like the plastic of food boxes at all: its smell will become much stronger and even its texture will change, it will become “soft”. It is best suited for aluminum packaging. And we eat it very quickly.

Raw vegetables . They will become very soft even in a plastic environment, and the released water will lose its taste.

Cheese. There are plastic cheese boxes specifically designed for soft or hard cheeses (with ventilation). But if you don’t have one, don’t think about a plastic box because it needs to breathe and not suffer from moisture. Just in case, you can put one or two sheets of paper towel and a sprig of thyme on the bottom to kill the smell, it can work for several days.

eggs. We know them, they can quickly turn into a nest of bacteria like E. coli or salmonella once cooked, keep them in their shells in the fridge and eat them quickly.

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