These are your most underrated summer travel destinations in Europe for 2022

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Heading across the pond this summer? We know that many of you won’t give up on a food tour of Italy or a long-awaited trip to the Greek islands, but take a moment and check out these underrated summer holiday destinations in Europe this year.

From charming baroque towns in South Bohemia to epic multi-day hikes (followed by dinner of garlic soup and dumplings), click here Six Lesser Known Destinations in Europe to Consider for Your Next Adventure.

Aerial view of the city of La Roque-Gageac, France

Tallinn, Estonia

Get to know northeastern Europe on a summer trip to the cozy capital of Estonia, Tallinn. Situated along the Baltic Sea, Tallinn is full of cultural attractions, beautiful historic architecture (the oldest building in Tallinn dates back to 1246!) and a picturesque and walkable Old Town. Tourists can see it all with the Tallinn Card, which gives users access to over 40 attractions in this underrated European city for 24, 48 or 72 hours.

Visiting Estonia during the summer months will also allow you to experience unforgettable “white nights”, which are the longest days of the calendar year around the summer solstice.

The sun barely sets these days and there are plenty of nightlife activities, from sunrise hikes to early morning brunches, to make the most of this exciting time of year in the Scandinavian region.

Woman sightseeing in Tallinn holidays in Estonia travel lifestyle girl tourist resting on the observation deck Old town aerial view architecture

Tatras, Slovakia

With a cultural capital filled with plenty to do (and stunning river views to boot), not to mention historic towns, friendly locals, and delicious food, there are so many reasons to love Slovakia. As Slovakia borders popular Central European tourist destinations such as the Czech Republic and Poland, it is often overlooked, but visitors here are pleasantly surprised when they immerse themselves in this unique place.

The main highlight of Slovakia is all the exciting hiking opportunities in the Tatras. Many travelers hike this mountain range in neighboring Poland, but the best parts of the High Tatras can be found in Slovakia. And while the winter months offer great views and challenges for tourists, the summer months really are the perfect time to explore here.

The trails here can range from easy to professional, so you can choose the adventure that suits you. Start your journey in Ždiar (just a short drive from the Polish border), where you can relax and rejuvenate in one of the city’s cozy chalets or hostels and plan your itinerary. Many trails offer stops along the way, where hikers can refuel with a pint of fresh pilsner, a bowl of steaming hot dumplings, or the famous Slovak garlic soup (Chenechka).

Beautiful mountains in spring season with fresh green grass, beautiful sky and deep valleys.  High Tatras, Slovakia, High Tatras

Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic

České Budějovice is known as the capital of “South Bohemia” and is the perfect place for a quick summer getaway while visiting Prague or Vienna. Nearby Český Krumlov is known to be filled to the brim with tourists during the summer months, so…

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