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“The wealth of a home lies in the experience it gives” – Liberation


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For ten years, the Archinovo award, established by the Architecture de collection agency, has been awarded to the best houses designed by architects. Its director Aurélien Vernand deciphers for “Libe” the main trends that cross French individual housing.

Established ten years ago by the Architecture de collection agency, the Archinovo Prize is based on the idea that in France, architects’ homes are burdened with prejudice. They would be inaccessible to ordinary people, too expensive, too elitist or overhead. This may be true of buildings that symbolize 20th-century modernist splendor, but modern architecture today takes a vow of sobriety. It promises to be more modest, durable and accessible, in a way more democratic. Just take a look at the 44 projects selected to compete for this biennial award, which oscillate between social ingenuity, such as through shared housing, and environmental ingenuity, somewhat low-tech, through the use of biomaterials. The public had until the end of May to choose their favorite house before the winners of this competition were announced next fall. Per Liberated, Director of Collection Architecture (and art critic by training), Aurélien Vernand, 43, analyzes ten years of architectural evolution in terms of individual housing since the creation of this competition, supported by the Ministry of Culture, the Arsenal Pavilion and the City of Architecture. and Heritage.

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