The US Virgin Islands just lifted all entry rules for Americans

The US Virgin Islands, one of the biggest success stories in tourism during the pandemic, has announced a major update to its entry rules: lifting all restrictions on American travelers.

This means that US citizens traveling from the US mainland and other territories will no longer be required to complete the US Virgin Islands Traveler Verification Portal in order to travel to their destination.

The US Virgin Islands required testing of unvaccinated travelers; now all American travelers, regardless of vaccination status, can travel to their destination without restrictions.

us virgin islands caribbean rebound
Beach on Santa Cruz Island.

The US Virgin Islands is still exempt from CDC requirements for incoming testing. This means that Americans who travel to the USVI do not need a test to return to the mainland.

“The health and well-being of our residents and guests remains our top priority,” says Joseph Boshulte, Tourism Commissioner. “The Department of Tourism, along with Governor Bryan’s office and the Virgin Islands Department of Health, have worked together to closely monitor the Territory’s COVID cases and take strategic steps to ensure the health and safety of our residents and guests. Our measures have been successful and give us confidence that we will continue to ease travel and on-site testing requirements so that we can continue to host visitors safely.”

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Honeymoon beach in Saint John.

Indeed, the US Virgin Islands has shown a brilliant tourism record since it first reopened to tourism in the summer of 2020, with the Travel Screening Portal becoming a model for the Caribbean.

For international travelers aged 18 and over, including travelers from the British Virgin Islands, the USVI will still require proof of vaccination and a negative antigen or PCR test result within 24 hours if traveling by air or within five days if traveling by ferry .

For more information, visit the USVI update page.

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