The tourism industry is gaining momentum thanks to leisure

Published: Tuesday 7 June 2022

The tourism industry is gaining momentum again with the easing of COVID-19 related restrictions in many countries around the world. While leisure and sightseeing are the top travel criteria for most travelers, spiritual tourism in India is gaining momentum after the pandemic subsides. According to a report by Thomas Cook and SOTC Travel, India is seeing a 35 percent growth in the spiritual travel segment.

The report highlights the main reasons for improving religious travel in India. Among the main reasons is gratitude. During the pandemic, people have become much more interested in religious activities than before. Not only to restore their business or work, many people seek the blessing of the Almighty. Likewise, “thanksgiving” for weddings and the birth of a child is a great reason to start spiritual tourism.

Thomas Cook said they have witnessed a surge in spiritual tourism since the pandemic as a sign of appreciation and receiving the blessings of God. With the government of India putting a lot of emphasis on communication and infrastructure development, spiritual places are of interest not only to the elderly and families, but also to the new generation and groups of friends. Thomas Cook said their product portfolio has been diversified in this regard to offer a variety of suitable pilgrimages and personalized options that include wellness along with unique local experiences including culture, cuisine and outdoor adventure.

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