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The craze for A-frame houses, also called A-frames, is on the rise… These houses, which remind us of the huts we built in the woods as children, have become very popular homes for those who love nature in a few years… American site The Tiny Life offers you free frame house plans… And they have a story! Triangular frame houses have always existed. In the 1950s and 1960s they were very popular with young American families who wanted to cheap holiday homes. When an American architect Andrew Geller interested in this concept, they become a phenomenon on the other side of the Atlantic! Thus, the first houses in A are not new … This was already mentioned in an article in the New York Times in May 1957!

What is a frame house?

Referred to in English as an A-Frame, an A-frame house is a timber-framed structure with two sides of the roof lowered to the ground or even to a foundation. The shape of the triangular frame represents the letter A, hence the name of these houses. Usually plank A is formed by the floors of the floor, and the roof slopes also form the walls of the house. The Tiny Life website team admits that they have always been fascinated by this architectural style, a symbol of American optimism. Having become very popular among the middle class, who can, thanks to these A-frame houses, afford a real house at a lower price, they have been very popular with young families for several years.

Plans in PDF
Photo Credit: Tiny Life

From holiday home to main residence

Initially, A-frame houses were designed for a weekend or a week by the sea, today they are designed for a full-fledged stay! Now they are part of the tiny house movement that continues to grow!

Plans offered by The Tiny Life

Plan of a small house in A, which you can receive directly by e-mail visiting the site, a one-storey house is offered. In addition to the plan for the ground floor of the house in A, the document lists the materials needed to start self-construction. The plan will help you to have a realistic idea of ​​your future construction, which you can of course change as you wish ! Once built to these plans, the A-frame house has a 16′ x 16′ ground floor and a 14′ x 14′ top floor. The plan gives you a complete list of materials, obviously prices, and the costs that represent each of your home’s A!

Here is a set of plans that will allow you to imagine how the space will be used and how the furniture will be arranged (especially consider low-rise spaces). You may consider…

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