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The Great British Cooking Show, which premiered first as The Great British Pastry on the BBC and later appeared on PBS under its current title, gives amateur bakers the chance to compete against each other in a series of three challenges: 1) a signature recipe; for example, the main repertoire they can prepare for family and friends; 2) a technical product with few or limited directions; and 3) a show stopper designed to impress with its professional look and taste.

In the seventh episode of the ninth season, which aired on October 9, 2018, six bakers were challenged to make a vegan dairy-free tartlet (signature recipe), meringue-free pavlova with tropical fruits (technical product), and a birthday cake (showstopper). Alternative dairy-free crusts included those made with avocado oil, coconut, or vegetable fat. Ingredients considered unique by viewers included aquafaba, or chickpea water, and Indian black sulfur salt instead of eggs.


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