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The former firefighter built a huge 360 ​​m² container house with 9 marine modules.

Who said that a container house is a small house? Either way, it won’t be the same Colorado firefighter. I must say that he invested in his own huge house of 356 m²! To create this huge house, nine containers of goods were assembled … Regan Foster, a firefighter injured during the intervention, used his free time to build his amazing and majestic residence. The architect helped the firefighter in the task Joe Simmons from Bluesky Studios to create their huge family home, and the result is impressive. Presentation.

9 containers for home

To build his container house, Regan Foster first placed 4 7.32″ long containers on the ground in pairs and then stacked 4 more blocks on top of each other, trying to stagger the two center containers. The latter was installed at a 90° angle at the rear of the second level to give U-shaped structure, but also so that the light flooded the interior of this house. At the center of the structure, he introduced timber cladding and a somewhat taller building connecting two “rows” of containers; everyone has large bay windows to promote light natural.

Large container house
Photo courtesy of Airbnb.

A small visit to the salon?

This is not a container house, but a castle! Huge wood and steel structure includes seven bedrooms, five bathrooms, huge living room, dining room and kitchen. Between the rows of containers is a pretty patio for summer barbecue evenings. The house is furnished in an industrial and modern style, and it’s not that there is not enough space … The published photos give a feeling of immensity, with a ceiling height of 7.62 meters!

Retraining as a firefighter

Based on his own experience in this matter, the firefighter, who could no longer practice, decided to become a container house builder. But he also earns income from his own house, which can be rented out on AirBnb. The owners say there are three bedrooms upstairs and two downstairs, the kitchen is amazing and guests have access to a giant screen with access to Netflix!

Home interior
Photo courtesy of Airbnb.

However, indoor parties are not allowed, the owners live in the apartment adjacent to the container house… As for the rent, be careful, it will sting! must be considered 755€ per night with obligation to rent for three nights at least… Adding all services, cleaning and other expenses, you will need to pay 2930€ for three short nights. It’s almost more expensive than renting a room at the Ritz, but you’ll enjoy getting to know this magnificent home!

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