The Best Diving Spots and How to Get Certified on Vacation

Learning to dive while on vacation is on the wish list of many travelers. “As the world reopens, we are seeing a trend towards more people going on vacation and getting certified,” says Julie Andersen, Global Brand Director for PADI Worldwide.

And for those already certified, there are amazing places around the world just waiting to be explored.

Getting a certificate while on vacation

Diving training has always been on the wish list for those who love adventure. After many people have been forced to put their travel wish lists on hold for the past few years, people are now prioritizing these must-have items and making them a reality.

“Modern travel trends show that people are now traveling slower and longer, with a focus on enriching, fulfilling and holistic experiences,” says Andersen. Learning to dive while on vacation gives people the opportunity to truly disconnect from the outside world and immerse themselves in the present moment, focusing on themselves and nature. And as a bonus, diving also offers an incredible wellness experience, both physical and mental.

Traveling for certification means you can start your scuba adventure anytime, anywhere and have an incredible experience both on the surface and underwater.

Those who receive a diving certification while on a trip – in a beautiful area – usually make diving a part of their lives. “As someone who has been certified in a lake near Chicago with a water temperature of 40 degrees, I always envy anyone who has seen a whale shark on their first dive in Mexico,” says Andersen. “Especially since I spent seven years chasing this experience. Of course, it makes me appreciate diving in the tropics more.”

The best way to get the most out of your certification trip is to complete all your workouts locally – both online and in the pool – well in advance. PADI offers eLearning so you can learn anywhere, and with over 6,600 dive centers around the world, chances are you’ll find one near you where you can hone your skills in the pool. So your holiday time can be spent doing four open water dives in the first few days, making the most of your remaining time as an official PADI Open Water certified diver.

You can earn your PADI Diver certification in 186 countries at over 6,600 PADI dive centers and resorts.

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