The Béis Terry Towel is a must-have for summer travel

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It’s common knowledge that any successful beach day requires careful packing, as well as a sturdy bag that’s roomy enough to hold all your gear. Whether you’re at the beach to read and relax, or ready to take a dip in the water, it’s important to pack essentials like sunscreen, an extra set of clothes, and a bottle of water to drink. Then you can have fun on the ocean with a speaker or your favorite reading. And if you are planning to spend this day with the whole family, you need to bring diapers, sand toys, flotation aids and more. At this point, you may find that there is almost no room left for a towel.

Luckily, Béis has a solution so you never have to go without a towel again. Meet the Terry Towel Tote, the latest addition to the popular travel brand’s line of multifunctional bags. Designed for beach and pool comfort, this limited edition tote bag is made from soft terry material and converts into a full-length towel.

When the bag/towel is fully unfolded, three handy side pockets open up, perfect for storing snacks, your phone, and anything else you want to keep close at hand. And for added comfort, the stylish tote-towel hybrid also comes with an inflatable cushion, transforming a hard beach chair into a five-star resort-level lounger. (You can see the towel tote in action here). When not in use, the beach bag folds easily into your luggage without adding extra bulk, or you can use it as a purse or hand luggage.

Béis founder Shay Mitchell said the idea for the Terry Towel Tote Bag came about as a result of her struggle to create the perfect beach look. “All products are based on my own journey,” she says. Travel + Leisure, noting that in the past she wished beach towels had pockets. She went on to say that the Terry Towel Tote “was just what I always wanted, so I selfishly design these products for myself and then always hope other people like them.”

The Terry Towel Tote is part of the limited Béis Terry collection. Whether you’re looking for a casual bag or something trendy to use as your carry-on, there’s also the Terry Tote bag, which has plenty of organizational pockets and a trolley sleeve that allows you to attach the bag on top of your trolley suitcase.

Backpack lovers will love the Terry Backpack Cooler, a 2-in-1 bag with a removable insulating compartment to store drinks and snacks during outdoor adventures. The travel-friendly backpack also features adjustable shoulder straps, zippered and slip pockets, a key clip and a wheeled pouch to make your journey more comfortable and organized.

In addition, each bag can be combined with Terry Clutch cosmetics. It comes in the same colorways and has a detachable bracelet so you…


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