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Cast of ABC Season 19 hen-party was announced on Tuesday and, as previously announced, 32 men will compete for the hearts of two women.

Gabby Windy as well as Rachel Recchiawhich first appeared on Clayton Echardseason Bachelorwere announced as co-stars for the upcoming season during Ashar’s performance. After the final rose special, marking the franchise first.

Gabby, a 30-year-old ICU nurse from Denver, and Rachel, a 25-year-old flight instructor from Claremont, Florida, will meet a group of men aged 23 to 36, including 24-year-old twins. Both from New Jersey will be grooms this season.

Gabby and Rachel season hen-party Premieres Monday, July 11 at 8:00 pm ET on ABC.

Meet 32 ​​men who will live for the hearts of Gabby and Rachel:

Alec, 27, is a wedding photographer based in Houston, Texas.

Aven, 28, sales manager from San Diego, California.

Brendan, 23, is a bartender in Carlsbad, California.

Chris, 30, is a psychology coach from Redondo Beach, California.

Colin, 36, sales director from Chicago, Illinois.

Erich, 29, is a real estate analyst in Bedminster, New Jersey.

Ethan, 27, is an advertising professional from New York, New York.

Hayden, 29, is a leisure manager from Tampa, Florida.

Jacob, 27, is a mortgage broker in Scottsdale, Arizona.

James, 25, meatball lover from Winnetka, Illinois.

Jason, 30, is an investment banker based in Santa Monica, California.

Joey, 24, twin from Brookfield, Connecticut.

Johnny, 25, realtor from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Jordan H., 35, software developer from Tampa, Florida.

Jordan V., 27, drag racer from Alpharetta, Georgia.

Justin B., 32, physical therapist in Solana Beach, California.

Justin Y., 24, another twin from Brookfield, Connecticut.

Kirk, 29, football coach from Lubbock, Texas.

Logan, 26, is a videographer based in San Diego, California.

Mario, 31, personal trainer from Naperville, Illinois.

Matt, 25, delivery manager from San Diego, California.

Michael, 32, is a pharmaceutical salesman in Long Beach, California.

Nate, 33, is an electrical engineer from Chicago, Illinois.

Quincy, 25, is a life coach from Miami, Florida.

Robie, 33, is a magician from Los Angeles, California.

Robie, 33, is a magician from Los Angeles, California.

Ryan, 36, investment director from Boston, Massachusetts.

Spencer, 27, is an Army officer from Chicago, Illinois.

Termain, 28, is a crypto guy from Naperville, Illinois.

Tino, 28, general contractor from Playa del Rey, California.

Tyler, 25, is a small business owner from Wildwood, New Jersey.

Zach, 25, tech executive from Anaheim Hills, California.

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