The 9 Best Travel Packing Cubes of 2022

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Traveling is basically great, except for most people on planes and the clutter trying to keep your schedule and your stuff in order. A little chaos is certainly part of the experience, but a little organization (like a little planning) can keep you from clutter throughout your trip. Packing cubes are the easiest place to start.

It’s no exaggeration to say that packing cubes have changed my life. Not only do I use them for travel, but I also use them to pack my sportswear for the day and even to store out-of-season items in the back of my closet. They are just small bags; that’s all they need. But they keep your belongings safe, making it easier to logistically pack the suitcase they fit in and make it much easier to find your belongings while traveling.

Packing cubes are easy to buy because they are simple, straightforward, and generally inexpensive. The choice you have is basically finding the right material and size for your items. There are many small ones for socks and underwear, large ones for trousers and sweaters, and flat, protective ones for things like suits and delicate fabrics. Most come packaged. Start with one of them and test. See if you like to order by item type or by equipment, how different you want these dice to be, and then you can build your set from there. Here are some great ones to get you started.

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Pretty much every suitcase brand is going to make their own version of the packing cube sets, and they’re especially handy because they’re made to fit inside those suitcases. I love my cubes on the road and use them all the time. I have a travel-only set and a set that keeps cold weather accessories in the summer so I never have to remember where I put them in the fall.

Travel dice, 3 pcs. packaged

Do not impose any restrictions on the packaging of the cubes. They are suitable for both everyday use and special trips. These Lululemon are made from mesh and are breathable, great for storing sportswear in your work bag.

The Calpak five-piece set includes a pair that sits on the mid-range end of the size scale and is flat, great for neatly folded shirts and trousers when you’re packing them up. Once you get to your destination, it only takes 30 seconds to unpack.

If you tend to toss a whole bunch of stuff into a bottomless duffel bag, a medium-sized packing cube will make it a little less chaotic. This one compresses, allowing…

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