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Teufel Boomster Go: Bluetooth speaker review

After a successful launch in headphones (see our tests here and there) and soundbars (here), Teufel is back with a small Bluetooth speaker, the Boomster Go. The program has music – of course – but a nice little novelty for this type of product: to be able to connect two of them for listening in stereo!

Our test, just below.

Equipment and design Teufel Boomster Go

The Teufel Boomster Go comes in a simple yet well-designed box. There will be a USB-A/Micro-USB cable to charge the speakers. Also a carrying strap for the case, as well as the obligatory manual.

The body looks nice. Not bad, but very dense due to the impressive internal radiators. There are two volume buttons and a play/pause button on the top of the speaker. On the back is a micro-USB charging port, flanked by an on/off button (with three LEDs next to it that indicate the speaker is charging). On the other side is a Bluetooth pairing button with an LED that allows you to monitor the connection status.

The speakers are IP-X7 certified, which ensures they can be sprayed and submerged in water for three very short periods of time. Translation: we can take it with us to the pool without worries! Especially since it is surrounded by a rubber coating that allows you to absorb small bumps.

Characteristics of the Teufel Boomster Go Bluetooth speaker

At first glance, the Teufel Boomster Go is a “classic” Bluetooth speaker. It allows you to play music (the opposite would be amazing). We can also receive calls using the built-in microphone. There is Bluetooth 5 to ensure good sound quality.

As for autonomy, Teufel Boomster Go will accompany you with music for about ten hours. It will fully charge in less than 3 hours.

What surprises the Teufel Boomster Go is its ability to pair with a second speaker. As a duet, they will broadcast in stereo (rather than dual mono). The idea is great so that you can quickly (and easily) dial in amplitude, power and sound reproduction. Pairing between two speakers is fairly easy to do with a few manipulations. However, during our testing, we had to repeat this once; the couple was lost after the lights went out. However, nothing dramatic, in 2 minutes the duo recovered!

Listening to speakers

As usual, for these tests we use FLAC or Hi-Res files in the Qobuz app in Bluetooth on an iPhone 13 mini.



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