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Sweeney Boty, a tiny stand-alone home in the heart of Eigg Island, inspired by the legend of the Gaelic king.

Do you dream of a place where you are the “master of time”, a place lost in the middle of nowhere where you can forget about your to-do lists, appointments and other stressful things in your daily life? If so, you will love discovering Eigg, a special place tucked away on the west coast of Scotland. Eigg Island is located in the Hebrides Sea and is part of the Highland Council area. On this island, you’ll find Sweeney’s Boti, small self-contained homes built as part of the Boti Project. This project offers artists week-long residencies for 6 months a year in the Cairngorm National Park in Inshriach. The remaining 6 months of the year, the little houses are open to private individuals… Forget about everything and discover this well-hidden little gem!

Special place

Eigg belongs to those who built it; they wanted it to run on renewable energy and focus entirely on the conservation of this protected natural site. No running water or electricity: in Eigge you are the master of time, or rather, you are modeled after nature… Rising at dawn and going to bed at sunset, you will live completely offline for a week. Reading, pottery, relaxation and release will definitely be in the program your stay. “Use the time it takes to do the simplest things”, vthis is how the owners of the establishment describe the atmosphere of Eigg Island!

Sweeney Boty's tiny house in the landscape
Photo credit: Eigg Time.

Focus on Sweeney Boty

The Sweeney’s Bothy was developed in collaboration with the artist. Alec Finlay, and its name Sweeney’s Bothy comes from the name of a 7th century Gaelic king. This king would have lived 10 years in the desert using only what nature had to offer him! In this modern and comfortable space you will find something to sleep, eat, bathe… But forget the multi-jet or rain shower, itOutdoors you will have to take a shower!

Inside you will find a living space with a wood-burning stove, a rich library and a cozy armchair… The kitchen is equipped with utensils, but you will have to rely on a single gas stove for cooking. Hot water comes from solar panels when weather permits, but it still has a boiler powered by a wood-burning stove. As for drinking water, it comes from the source… Furniture made from recycled materials, a mattress and a blanket made of organic wool will welcome you in a cozy interior. And you can also admire some works of artleft by the artists on vacation …

interior of Sweeney's Bothy tiny house from front
Photo credit: Eigg Time.

A few more juicy details about Sweeney Boty.

Eigg Island is not connected to any grid, so electricity…

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