Sunbum Anti-frizz Oil Spray is a Travel Writer’s Favorite

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Curl-free hair is always a goal, whether I’m at home or traveling. And no matter how many moisturizing shampoos, nourishing conditioners, and smoothing leave-ins I use, smooth, shiny strands never look back at me in the mirror. I used to think that my curly, unruly hair was just the price I would have to pay to live in wet New York. But much to my surprise, my stubborn shoots and dryness only got worse when I moved to dry Los Angeles.

Switching to intensely hydrating products has definitely improved the look of my hair, but it wasn’t until I tried the Sunbum Protecting Anti-Frizz Mist that I was really able to disarm my wavy hair for good.

This drugstore brand’s multipurpose leave-in product is a blend of nourishing oils that both protect your hair from frizz-causing agents and boost your hair’s protection from the sun’s UV rays. At the center are moisturizing kukui nut oil, taming tamanu oil and vitamin-rich seaweed to promote overall health and strength to your hair. Together, they eliminate dryness, seal damaged hair cuticles, and make braids smoother, softer, and more manageable.

Designed for use on both wet and dry hair, the Sunbum Protecting Anti-Frizz Mist’s lightweight formula absorbs quickly into the strands to prevent tangling and leave a healthy shine. According to the brand, it is suitable for all hair types, textures and thickness levels. I found that applying it to damp hair gave the best results for my strands, but was also pleasantly surprised to see that it crushed any signs of frizz when I air dried my hair. It also didn’t leave behind any greasy residue or residue, which I’ve always experienced with other higher priced leave-in products.

Speaking of air drying, the Sunbum Protecting Anti-Frizz Mist allowed me to go without a hair dryer on a recent weekend trip. Just a few drops of oily mist and my hair was ready to go, even though the latest plans only left me 15 minutes to get it together after shampooing. This, combined with the beach-inspired coconut scent and the small 3 oz bottle of e-liquid, makes this a must-have for me when traveling.

The smoothing and conditioning formula has also been praised by Amazon shoppers for its effectiveness and affordability. “This stuff is worth it,” wrote one reviewer. They continued, “It makes my hair look so beautiful and shiny without weighing it down and yet it still feels natural.”

Another client was delighted: “This is amazing! You need it in life!” They added that they took the mist oil with them while on vacation in Hawaii and it did not disappoint. “These Pacific waves couldn’t stop [my] hate…


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