Summer 2022 travel hit by inflation but still popular

Rent, gas, cars, flights, groceries, hotels, clothing… literally everything is more expensive these days. But this summer, the world is starting to open up after two years of a devastating and unpredictable pandemic. Entry restrictions have been lifted, major events are back, and the urge to catch up is irresistible. So, despite the sharp increase in prices, people are still planning to travel. There is even a term for this: “Journey of Revenge”.

About 40% of Americans are willing to pay more money to do something after the last two years of the pandemic have come to a standstill, according to a study by Credit Karma. A study by The Vacationer found the number to be even higher; Nearly 65% ​​of respondents from around the world said they were willing to pay more or have more stops to make their trip. People really, really want to get out of the city.

And it seems that people understand that they will pay a lot, no matter what they plan. Rakuten retail and shopping expert Kristen Gall told Thrillist that she predicts summer 2022 will be a “summer of luxury.”

There is a kind of urgency that may not have existed before 2020. More than 80% of Americans plan to travel at least once this summer, and 44% of those respondents said they plan to travel more than once. According to a survey by The Vacationer, most of these travelers plan to travel domestically, with road trips being the most popular travel choice. Among those planning to travel the world, the demographic is skewed towards the younger generation, mostly travelers between the ages of 19 and 29.

With more and more payment options for major purchases like music festivals and installment plane tickets, some travelers will find ways to make their trip possible, even if it means paying for a trip to Primavera in Barcelona as part of a 24-month payment plan. (Just remember to set calendar reminders to prevent automatic payments from sneaking up on you.)

This data is a testament to how important travel and adventure are to many of us in our lives. Nothing — not the protracted and seemingly endless COVID-19 pandemic, nor historically high spending — will stop most people from taking some kind of travel this summer, and rightfully so. Just remember to travel safely, kindly and wisely.


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