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store on exchange in Nancy

Elanavriin? “It means nirvana in reverse! “, Elena Legros and Marie Grosjean have fun. Nirvana for the two sisters, in particular, is to forgo the fast fashion that they, like so many others, have succumbed to, and weave more social bonds. In short, avoid compulsive clothing shopping to get back to basics. An approach that includes an exchange and therefore an original store that they opened in October 2020 on Avenue Foch in Nancy, on the ground floor of the historic building L’Est Républicain. Not a shop window or a sign, but a chic and cozy attraction where you come, as in your living room, to try out a new look, try on clothes, and if you find what you are looking for, you will leave with it, in exchange for the parts brought in exchange, and paying a modest monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription to cover…

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