Spiritual tourism growth in India by 35%, says Thomas Cook

Spiritual tourism growth in India by 35%, says Thomas Cook

Millennials Provide the Highest Opportunities for Growth

Spiritual tourism growth in India by 35%, says Thomas Cook

According to Thomas Cook’s report, the growth of spiritual tourism is mainly due to factors such as gratitude, seeking blessings, and thanksgiving (Photo:

India’s largest travel company Thomas Cook India and its subsidiary SOTC say they have witnessed strong demand for spiritual tourism in India and have launched packages to meet the needs of this market.

Two years ago, when the Covid-19 pandemic unannounced swept the country, it brought unprecedented hardships and challenges to the people. This caused people to lean more towards spiritual comfort in search of relief, which in turn led to a boom in spiritual tourism. Thomas Cook (India), one of India’s leading multi-channel travel services companies, along with its SOTC Travel group, are reporting a 35 percent increase in spiritual tourism.

In a press release, the companies say that in a “targeted quest” to tap into this high potential but unorganized segment, they have expanded their portfolio to include a range of ready-to-order pilgrimages and personalized spiritual journeys. The companies say in a press statement that their packages cater to the entire spectrum of the market, with bespoke packages to suit every budget. Prices are said to start at INR 20,000 for the 5-day tour, and from INR 200,000 per person for the premium 6-day tour options.

The products offered by Thomas Cook India and SOTC are diverse and include pilgrimage tours, spiritual with wellness and spiritual programs with unique elements that also include local experiences.

According to Thomas Cook’s spiritual tourism segment report and analysis, the reasons for the growth of spiritual tourism after the pandemic are primarily due to various factors, such as gratitude, mainly for overcoming the pandemic, accounting for a total of 55%, “seeking blessings.” for returning to business/work and “thanksgiving” for the wedding/birth of a child.

The senior segment in India, comprising 45% of the top consumer segment, and the over 45 age group make up the main segment of pilgrimage tours. Taking this into account, the best pilgrimage tours of the companies cover several regions, such as the popular Char Dham Yatra and Do Dham Yatra, providing the opportunity to rent a helicopter, Muktinath in Nepal, Amarnath Yatra, Vaishno Devi Temple in Kashmir, Varanasi with Prayagraj. , Ayodhya and many others.

According to the same report, many couples and solo travelers between the ages of 30 and 45 prefer private company spiritual tours that include meditation, yoga, and wellness programs such as the yoga center or ashram in Coimbatore, Dharamsala, Rishikesh and the Panchakarma Program in Kumarakom. .

According to the report, Indian millennials/young professionals, who make up 16% of top consumer segments and families (35%), presented the highest growth opportunities. These groups have more…

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