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Solen Grivola (Epitact): “For over 20 years, Epitact has been an expert brand and a leader in foot care pharmacy products.”

Epitact is a company specializing in foot care products. The brand manufactures all its products in France using unique know-how and holds over 25 patents worldwide.

What is the principle of Epitact? Introduce the company in a few words.

Solene Grivola: Epitact is a trademark of the French laboratory MILLET Innovation, located in Lauriol-sur-Drome. It was originally a family business that arose from a meeting between an entrepreneur specializing in silicone gels and two French orthopedists who wanted to find a reliable solution for people suffering from pain in the forefoot. Then Millet Innovation invented the first silicone gel that mimics the mechanical and viscoelastic characteristics of human tissue.

For over 20 years, Epitact has been the expert and leading pharmacological brand in foot care. A challenger in the field of orthopedics, Millet Innovation designs original products and manufactures them in France, using innovative and unique technological know-how and more than 25 patents worldwide.

How did this idea come about?

The idea on which all our knowledge and our profession is based is based on the fact that the human body has an incredible ability to regenerate, which is still too often underestimated and sometimes ignored. It is these abilities, which we continue to discover every day and which allow the body to maintain or repair itself in a natural and sustainable way, that the R&D department is working on. Epitact. In this process, proprioception inspires and guides us in our approach to orthopedic care.

At Epitact, we believe we can enjoy life at any age by adopting a care approach that stimulates our innate abilities of self-correction and self-regulation.

Our orthopedic products and services allow everyone to remain mobile and are designed exclusively to relieve painful symptoms in a gentle and lasting way, precisely and adequately addressing the causes of the problem.

What are the short term goals of Epitact?

Our goal is to make Epitact a recognizable and reference brand in France and abroad. With more than 50% of its international turnover generated in over 14 different European countries, Epitact is now looking to expand into new markets through large exports. Our leading position with over 80% market share in key podiatry segments gives us the legitimacy we need to achieve these goals.

What is your business model?

At Epitact, we mainly work with a network of partner pharmacies (about 8,000 pharmacies) where our products are distributed, but…

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