Smooth Journey Over Memorial Day Nevada-California Weekend

LAS VEGAS, Nevada. (FOX5) – Some of the highest gas prices in Southern Nevada on I-15, just a few miles from Golden State in Primm.

FOX5 spoke to travelers heading out despite record high gas prices.

Bill Powell was traveling with his motorhome trailer from Eldorado Hills, California, a city east of Sacramento.

“My first fill was over $300,” Powell said.

For the most part, the California trip was uneventful and went smoothly, but Powell sympathizes with those who cannot afford to travel like him.

“I can at least pay for them. I really feel sorry for the people who, as you know, live paycheck to paycheck,” Powell said.

Mario Martinez from Southern California refueled at Chevron in Primm.

“$153 for 23 gallons. I used to be able to fill it out for $85 when I first bought it,” Martinez said.

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