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As of March 1st, signage on French beaches is now rectangular to meet international standards.

Come out of the flames to French beaches and bathing spots. From March 1, triangular signs, installed in 1962 to prevent drowning, became rectangular. This change follows a decree published in the Official Journal on January 31, which, among other things, stipulates that the preventive display should be more readable and comply with international standards in order to better understand foreign tourists.

“1000 deaths a year”

This development is the result of one of the directives of the government’s plan for the prevention of drowning and the development of water ease, we learn from the French Lifeguard Federation (FFMNS). This plan has been carried out since 2019 by the former swimmer and world champion Roxana Marachineanu, Minister of Sports under the second government of Edouard Philippe, and then Minister Delegate in charge of sports under Castex. The fact is that a year earlier, French Public Health, in its triennial review on the subject, identified accidental drowning as the first cause of accidental death in everyday life for people under 25 years of age. “We must also


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