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Sick in Morocco, American TikToker wakes up in hospital and is surprised when he gets a bill

Leila Driss, May 31, 2022, 6:07 pm.

For once, the Moroccan hospital system has been lauded. The publicity for this event was provided by a 23-year-old American tiktoker who still cannot believe his one-night stay in a Moroccan hospital.

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His name is Christian Grossi, he is 23 years old, he is American and is currently on a trip to Morocco, which is documented on his TikTok account.

Unfortunately for him, during his stay the young man was poisoned by food and literally collapsed on the street, in front of the door of his house, in the power of malaise.

Christian Grossi, recounting his journey in a video that has gone viral since May 27, explains that he was rescued from the street. “Then I was awakened by four Moroccans who poured water on my head, speaking only Arabic, except for one word: hospital.”

Feeling terribly ill, he agrees to be rushed to the emergency room, where, after being quickly hospitalized, the medical team administers antibiotics and anti-emetics with two infusions before he passes out again.

When he wakes up the next morning in a hospital room, the nurse tells him to go home if he gets better, which he does. But then the young tourist explains his unease. “I didn’t have health insurance, so I had no idea how much it would cost me,” he said. And not in vain, in the United States, medical care is one of the highest in the world. Indeed, the average cost of a simple medical visit to the emergency room ranges from $1,200 to $1,500 or AED 12,000 to AED 15,000.

But when he received a bill from the hospital in Marrakesh, where he had spent the night, Christian Grossi was literally taken aback. The overnight stay and the four medicines he was given cost him only…$31, or less than 310 dirhams.

The amount of comments posted by his followers on TikTok is such that the topic has literally turned into a discussion about the cost of the American healthcare system.

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